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Welcome to Winterwood

Winterwood Inc. is a modern, full service property management company specializing in affordable multifamily properties. Our employees, who focus on creating excellent service levels, are trained to high standards and have access to the best tools and processes to keep up with the demanding marketplace.

As a Company we have more than 30 years experience in property management. Our areas of expertise include a broad range of services including a variety of government financed, insured and assisted housing communities.

While our business purpose is to provide affordable housing for low to moderate income families, it is also our objective to maintain excellent compliance with all pertinent government regulations while maximizing the owner’s investment ensuring that the property continues to appreciate in value. Our portfolio includes properties conventionally financed, HUD insured, Rural Development 515 properties, BMIR, Public Housing Authorities, 221 d(4) and properties financed under the IRS code for tax credits including HOME funds. If you are new to Winterwood and would like to hear more about us please feel free to contact us at 859-276-5388.

Customer Reviews

"The management has been great and has been very helpful to any questions that the residents might have. This community is one of the best places I have lived in Louisville, Kentucky. I appreciate the fact that they cares about their residents. Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work that has been done."

- Tracy Darden / Resident of Downtown Scholar House Campus

"In observing his work ethic, I am impressed with his professionalism, ability to organize, and plan ahead to take care of paperwork well before it's due. You could not ask for better environment and/or a more caring, well organized staff. I am proud to say that I live in this campus."

- James A. Peterson / Resident of Downtown Scholar House Campus