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Winterwood, Inc. is a successful real estate company with more than 40 years of experience serving the housing needs of our region. Through our efforts, many individuals and families have safe and affordable places to live. An affordable place to call home is one of the first steps in the journey that is our lives. Without home, everyday tasks like cooking, helping children succeed in school, or holding a job become impossible. It is the foundation in moving towards stability, opportunity, and greater possibilities in life. At Winterwood, Inc., we know that our staff is the foundation in our work providing services to our clients, our residents, and our neighbors and we appreciate the effort that goes into this every day.


Our People, First is more than our mission statement.  It is how we approach every challenge and serve every customer.

Our Vision


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Our Mission

Our Residents, First – We strive to provide our residents with an affordable and quality home through maintaining high standards for excellence and exhibiting top-level customer service.

Our Employees, First –We develop our staff through challenging roles, on-going training and development, and career growth, and we provide opportunities for our employees to be successful and contribute to others’ lives.

Our Partners, First – We work consistently to build strong relationships with our owners, vendors, and business partners, and we strive to exceed their expectations while providing a value in return for their investment in us.

Our Values

We achieve our mission and vision of Our People, First by living out our values each and every day with customer service… SERVE

Sense of Urgency – We understand the importance of speed in business so we’ve designed our processes and systems with efficiency and consistency to meet the current and future business demands.

Encouraging – We’re committed to maintaining an uplifting atmosphere in our offices and our properties with a positive attitude.

Respect – we’re determined to treat each individual we meet in a courteous, fair and professional manner, and we hold ourselves to a high ethical, responsible and accountable standard.

Value – We recognize the individual gifts and talents that each person provides and create opportunities for people to excel and contribute.

Excellence – We strive to provide the highest level of service and the best-in-class product – all with proven financial results.

Modern Tools with Old School Tactics

Operations move fast so we use tools like Rentlytics to capture instant comprehensive data.  That data drives action and follow up.  Still, nothing replaces actual people visiting the community.   We believe a combination of both works the best.

Speedy Updates

When you have a question, you need a quick response.  We will get back to you on the same day with where we are in solving  the problem.

Thorough Documentation With Step-By-Step SOPs

All our company's processes are documented in easy to follow step by step online format.  This aides in our training process and helps field staff effectively manage their communities .

Increase Your Bottom Line with Strategy

We have a competitive per unit cost across our entire portfolio and per program type.

Fully Google Integrated Business

Being an integrated apps for business company gives us company wide advantages of things like Google Drive, hangouts, 2 step authentication and group control.  This translates into a safe and fluid experience for our employees.

Feel Comfort Knowing We Are Your Partner Not Just Your Agent

We aren't just a management agent.  We develop and own property as well.  We know what owners need and what they want.  Your success is our success.

Impressive After-Signing Support

You want to know the climate of your assets, we want you to have all the information you need.  Monthly financial reports, weekly numbers/data, email updates and scheduled conference calls are all ways we support you as a client.

Always connected 24 Hours a Day Through Our Custom Intranet

Winterwood has a large functioning intranet called Connect.  All employees have a vast amount of resources at their fingertips 24-7-365.  We believe work can happen at anytime.  We've worked hard to provide tools whenever they are needed.


Our goal is to make sure that you feel as though your investments are sound and secure. We provide ways to track our performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe that we stand apart from other management companies and have proven that over time. We also have significant experience in managing troubled assets.


Timely Reporting of Metrics
Multi Layer Protection
Cloud Based Backups
Same Day Support
Award Winning Services
Consistent On-Site Staff

Consistent and Transparent Results

Property Development and Consulting

Winterwood is one of the largest LIHTC (low-income housing tax credit) developers in Kentucky and the region. We specialize in developing housing with USDA Rural Development, Kentucky Housing Corporation and US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

We are partners in development with Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing, Community Affordable Housing Equity Corporation, Community Trust Bank, Central Bank & Trust Co. and traditional Bank.


Fast Consulting Response Time
Safety based on Experience
Cutting Edge Technology
Expansive Resources
Award Winning Services
Creativity in Design

Opening of Frederick Place Apartments

Protecting through Regulations

Comprising decades of experience, our compliance team approves all move in and recertification packages. Managers have 24/7 access to all compliance materials through our intranet “Connect”.


Timely Approvals and Corrections
Software Checks and Balances
Cloud File Storage
Online Help Desk Support
Award Winning Services
Extensive Relationships in the Market

The Amount of Compliance Regulations Can Seem Overwhelming

Strong Expense Control

In Winterwood we believe in giving ownership of budgets to our managers and field executives. We foster strong expense control and empowerment to ensure our staff has the authority needed to drive the properties performance. We work with one of the best expense management systems in the industry.


Timely Financial Reporting
Fraud Protection
Cloud Upload Storage
All Invoices Through the Corporate Office
Certified and Experienced
Complete Financial Oversight

Protecting Your Asset and Preventing Fraud

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